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One-act Play

A one-act play is a play that has only one act, and may consist of one or more scenes. In the recent years, the 10-minute play has emerged as a popular sub-genre of the one-act play.

This Current Program touches on issues related to the neorich Sindhis Kamwali Bai (Bartan Manjhane Wali, B.M.W.).

A tale of two women with its strong content is about today’s life. How we have become dependent on BMW’s of today’s scenario. Childish as a housekeeper, that’s how. BK Beena Ramchandani ji and our own Lion Chanda Virani ji as BMW feel after completing few years with Sindhudarshan to enhance Sindhiyat; so as rightly said, “Change is the essence of life”, and therefore Sindhudarshan has changed with time from cable to satellite, to webcasting platform, and now on your mobile phones.

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