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  • Sindhi Souls Murlidhar Adnani, Mumbai
  • Sindhi Souls Vashdev Khialani, Singapore
  • Sindhi Souls Datuk Shah Lalchand Ranai, Malaysia

Murlidhar Adnani was born in Karachi and is now settled as a businessman in Mumbai. Murli Adnani is the Trustee & President of Friends of International Sindhis (Established 1982)
Trustee and Co-Chairman: Priyadarshni Academy (Established 1983)
President NRI Wing (India) : Sindhi Council of India (Established 1998)
Trustee and Secretary: Shelter Foundation (Established 2006)
Executive Vice President:Alliance of Global Sindhi Associations(Established 1994)
Trustee – Global Sindhi Foundation:(Established 2012)
Executive Committee Member – Maharashtra State Sindhi Sahitya Academy.

Sindhi Souls
Murlidhar Adnani is a reputed builder since the last 50 years and is also in the Diamond Jewellery business, both of which are family run. He is truly a self-made man who has devoted the last 50 years of his life to social causes and serving others.

In 1982, he was a founding member of the “Friends of International Sindhis” along with other prominent Sindhi friends. The organization was founded in Mumbai, to propagate Sindhi culture, language, ideals, traditions, and to encourage and connect Sindhis worldwide. The objective of the organization is to “Build the Bridges of Friendship” between Sindhis to render service for social upliftment and fellowship. It also provides a platform to voice the problems faced by the Sindhi community in today’s times.

In 1983, he founded the Priyadarshni Academy in Mumbai, with other like-minded individuals. It is a non-profit, socio-cultural and educational organization. They focus on promoting cultural exchange, extending recognition to outstanding individuals in their respective fields and honoring them with Global Award and also promoting national integration and brotherhood. They give literary awards and provide scholarships to needy students annually. The academy is successfully meeting its goals and hopes to continue to do so in its future endeavors.

In 1998, the seed for the “Sindhi Council of India” was sown in Mumbai and the organization was founded by a group of individuals from the community, including Murli Adnani himself. The aim of the council is to rope in Sindhi brothers living abroad and in India, to bring the Sindhi community on one platform, and to represent the Sindhi Community and their rights before the government. As of today, a nearly 300 strong representative board forms the operational platform for the Global Sindhi Community of which Murli Adnani is the President NRI wing (India).

In 2006, Murli Adnani, along with friends, formed the Shelter Foundation with the aim to provide subsidized housing, support livelihood, and promote marriages and education amongst the underprivileged from the Sindhi Community. The organization has been successful in achieving its goal so far and has provided housing for families in Gandhidham (Gujarat) and Bhairagarh-Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh). Further housing development schemes are currently underway.

The Alliance of Global Sindhi Associations established in the year 1994 is a body dedicated to organizing Annual Sammellans to bring together Sindhis from across the globe, and discuss various aspects to keep our language, rich heritage, culture and traditions alive, and to support needy people. Murli Adnani is the Executive vice President.

The Global Sindhi Foundation Trust, of which Mr. Murl iAdnani is the director, was formed to aid the underprivileged of the Sindhi community. Currently, the body is dedicated to constructing toilets free of cost, to provide basic sanitation to poor and needy Sindhi families across India. Currently Murli Adnani looks after the ongoing constructions in the district of Ulhasnagar.

Murli Adnani is the Executive Committee Member of the Maharashtra State Sindhi Sahitya Academy. The object is to promote and support literature and culture of the Sindhi Community.

Murli Adnani has traveled across the globe to pursue his passion for the social upliftment of his community. At the age of 81, he is a tireless campaigner for the cause, and enthusiastically continues to aid the community in every way possible.

Vashdev Khialani, a Civil Engineer born in Ajmer, India in 1950, now settled in Singapore since 1962 owns his own firm since 1982, got married to Poonam & is blessed with 3 sons Bharat, Pavan & Rajiv, two daughters in law Shania & Rakhi & granddaughter Alisha. He was entranced by stories of Ramayana, Lord Krishna & Jhulelal told by his Grandfather.He joined the management committee of the singapore sindhis & also the Sai organisation in 1992 & became President of bothe organizations from 2014 to 2018. He carried out big projects of over $100 million despite having less than 10 staff & was interviewed a few times by national tv.

Sindhi Souls

He loves to promote Sindhi Culture & also help those less fortunate not only
in singapore but in other countries also. His favorite prayer is palau where we pray ” Himath Dey Kaiya seva Thinji” (give me strength to do your seva)

Datuk Shah Lalchand Ranai is the President of the Sindhi Association of Malaysia
Vice President of Alliance of Global Sindhi Association

Sindhi Souls

Former council Member of Justice of Peace Malacca, Malaysia

Member of Ahli Majis Datuk- Datuk Negeri Melaka

Award recipient of Global Organization of People of Indian Origin

Ceo & Director of Ede & Raavenscraft

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