Sindhi Muhinjo Maan Aahe, Sindhi Muhinji Shaan Aahe!
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Sindhi Event – Must Watch!

Lets shake hand & do something for our community. Feel the power you have the ability. We don’t  say you take all responsibility. But speak in Sindhi n fulfill your Duty . Lets meet a Sindhi personality Mr. Shankar Askandani.

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  1. Paras Bhagchandani

    Wonderful. Feel Pleaure to find Sidhudarshan Congratulation from the bottom of my Heart Keep it up Our cooperation with persons like you who are working for our so much scattered community. A Superb Platform seems to be now available to share each other & also bring our New Generation to our Great History Our Pride Culture Rich Sindhi Language & Our Great Personalities who achieved Milestones to the field of Business, Technical, Medical, Academic, Administration Etc. all over the World. We are Proud to be a Sindhi

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