Short Play

A play is a form of literature written by a playwright, usually consisting of dialogue between characters, intended for theatrical performance rather than just reading.

Big B in “SARKAR

“Sindhudarshan is into creative world too, but end of the day its a business too, so if our work is good, it needs to be related to being saleable”!!!

!!“When politics grow illiberal, forgiveness is made to seem soft and demeaning. Many in Sindhis think of it as a western notion, with its roots in christianity or western influence, but what philosopher Martha Nussbaum calls ” Transactional Forgiveness ” is a part of every faith, we are taught to grant forgiveness in order to be granted something for ourselves, peace of mind, or a place in heaven, or a character closer to GOD. This twin of forgiveness is repentance.” !!!!


!!This Above current Program touches up issue related to we neorich sindhis Kamwali Bai ( Bartan Manjhane Wali, B.M.W.) a tale of two women with its strong content is about todays life .How we have become dependent on BMW’s of todays scenario. Childish as a house keeper , thats how . BK Beena Ramchandani ji and our own Lion Chanda Virani ji as BMW feel after completing few years with Sindhudarshan to enhance sindhiyat, so as rightly said that ” Change is the essence of life and therefore Sindhudarshan has changed with time from cable to satellite to webcasting platform to now on your mobile !!!!

Game Over

“!! Sindhi chokre khe khape sindhi Chokri , Age – 30, Nature – Naughty, Chokri khape patli ya moti, Watch this Funny “Game Over” full Entertainment Sindhi Comedy show with Husband & wife fight Played by Actor A K ZAK., Actor Sanjay Mangnani on Sindhu Darshan.
Happy Viewing!!!

Laugh Sindhi Laugh

You can buy anything with your money,but with your time you can buy Love & spend your time with us & watch this entertaining program by clicking on this link. Love your language and feel happy to subscribe SINDHU DARSHAN only for sindhiyat.

Black Zero operation

!! A Sindhi Boss taking his employees for a Ride!!! A Short Play “Black Zero Operation” on


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