Vashdev Khialani, Singapore

Vashdev Khialani,a civil Engineer born in Ajmer, India in 1950, now settled in Singapore since 1962 owns his own firm since 1982, got married to Poonam & is blessed with 3 sons Bharat, Pavan & Rajiv, two daughters in law Shania & Rakhi & granddaughter Alisha. He was entranced by stories of Ramayana, Lord Krishna & Jhulelal told by his Grandfather.He joined the management committee of the singapore sindhis & also the Sai organisation in 1992 & became President of bothe organizations from 2014 to 2018. He carried out big projects of over $100 million despite having less than 10 staff & was interviewed a few times by national tv.
He love to promote Sindhi Culture & also help those less fortunate not only
in singapore but in other countries also. His favorite prayer is palau where we pray ” Himath Dey Kaiya seva Thinji” (give me strength to do your seva)