Lal Hardasani, Hong Kong

Lal Hardasani, 72, a pioneer in the insurance industry, is the Founder and Managing Director of Lal’s Insurance Brokers Ltd. in Hong Kong. Hailing from a business family in Bombay, Lal came to Hong Kong 50 years ago with a dream to be self-made and successful.

Today, with over three decades of insurance experience under his belt, his business acumen, hard work and honesty has made his company one of the leading insurance brokerages in Hong Kong. He has been recognized time and time again by insurers both locally and globally for his excellent salesmanship and relationship with principals.

Aside from his business, Lal is heavily involved in the Indian Community in Hong Kong. From 1995-1996, he served as the Chairman of the Indian Chamber of Commerce, a post that allowed him to lead many delegations across the globe. He is currently serving as the Acting President and Trustee of the Hindu Association/Temple – the center of all religious activities of the Hindu Community in Hong Kong. You can find Lal serving the temple devotees every Sunday morning.

His biggest passion is the preservation of Sindhi heritage and culture. He is the Co-founder of the Sindhi Association of Hong Kong & China, a group that endeavors to maintain the Sindhi culture through various means such as Cheti Chand celebrations and compilation of a directory of Sindhis in Hong Kong. His contribution to this work has been awarded many times over, with Lal being a recognized Sindhi icon across the globe.