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hundred thousandd of sindhis has joined sindhudarshan,A vehicle of integration, information & entertainment within a span of 2yrs. Thanks n Sindhudarshan is obliged.

Hope sindhudarshan media channel continues its journey of uniting scattered Sindhis, because it strongly believes that any community’s survival depends on its unity(virtual) & its image(language.culture & heritage) which both put together gives it a power to negotiate.

We dont know if there is any other way for we scatterd sindhis
So finally if u believe in our belief than hope to have your support in propogating this further to your near n dear ones to see n Subscribe this vehicle.


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What needs to change about Sindhi regional language in order to enable it to remain relevant in a world of instant communication & social media. Write with your suggestions below @ connect with Sindhudarshan social media marking it direct to Hiroo Thariani Founder Sindhudarshan.

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