Sindhi Muhinjo Maan Aahe, Sindhi Muhinji Shaan Aahe!
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!!!!What is NEWS, its a bi-product of Event converted into News are seen by lot of Community Members it reflex their UNITY & if its given to be shown to other communities it enhances our IMAGE among other communities so comes UNITY + IMAGE = POWER & of course that can be power to Sindhi’s also !!!!

Navratri Celebration in India & Abroad in musical Format
Banglore, Kar.- Shoba Kalro
Barcelona, Spain – Asha Morwani
Hongkong – Notan TolaniKowloon,
Hongkong – Girish Sharma
Singapore – Drishti Bablani
Manila, Philippines – Prakash Ramchandani
Jakarta, Indonesia – Manu Hiranandani

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