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Prakash Udhwani,Tenerife, Spain
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Datukshah Ranai, Malaysia
Manu Hiranandani, Jakarta, Indonesia
Bharat Motwani, Rajkot, Guj.
Jodhraj Tanwani, Chittorgarh, Raj.
Shankar Askandani, Kota, Raj.
Neeraj Jeswani, Jalgaon, Mah.
Ishwar Kriplani, Pune, Mah.
Suresh Thadani, Alwar, Raj.
Jethanand Lalwani, Jodhpur, Raj.
BK Chanda, Aburoad, Raj.


Sindhudarshan is into creative world too, but end of the day, it’s a business as well. So, if our work is good, it needs to be related to being saleable!

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When politics grow illiberal, forgiveness is made to seem soft and demeaning. Many Sindhis think of it as a western notion, with its roots in Christianity or western influence, but what philosopher Martha Nussbaum calls, “Transactional Forgiveness” is a part of every faith, we are taught to grant forgiveness in order to be granted something for ourselves – peace of mind or a place in heaven, or a character closer to God. This twin of forgiveness is repentance!!!


Art and other manifestation of human intellectual achievement with characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people defined by as a cumulative deposit of knowledge, experience, beliefs, religion, norms, cuisine, social habits through course of time is called culture, and Sindhi culture has its roots in 7,000 years old of Indus Valley Civilization, eg., Chaliho, Chetichand, Loi-loi, Teejri and others are famous Sindhi cultural festivals celebrated all around the world. Below is not how Sindhis celebrate ‘CHETICHAND’, it’s about why Sindhis celebrate ‘CHETICHAND’, with its meaning, origin and explanation in a musically based reel show cum documentary style.
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Vision and values for new special order to reach youngsters, ‘CHALIYO’, which literally means 40 days of fasting, while asking for forgiveness from our ISHT DEVTA SAIN JHULELAL. So, cultural provocateur Sindhudarshan, vibrant culture spaced legacies of old Sindh (CHALIYO) needs to be admitted as culture-vulture in Sindhudarshan media channel (SDI), but can’t do it as museums and galleries, and hence it’s being done via media as a cultural czarina.

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