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“ Sindhudarshan – one of the most innovative and dynamic platform for Sindhis to connect : Socially and Culturally.

Its founder says digital is not the future but is the present, especially for we scattered Sindhis. Sindhudarshan is trying to keep pace so Adieu to continiouesly running 17 years of Sindudarshan on Cable TV, Satellite channel, Youtube & DTH & now have digitalisation with our own Webcasting Platform for the last Two Years & are not tired of trying the latest Technological innovation which got initiated on 21st December 2015 and with a team of 10 selfless Sindhis, have now touched a remarkable figure of more than 3,80,000 Sindhi viewers in more than 1540 cities of more than135 countries. Subscribers have reached an admirable figure of 6000 and still growing. Joining is absolutely free. — No bills and no chills.

The aim of this Sindhiyat drive vide this fascinating electronic media, is to bring Sindhis worldwide closer to each other and to give constant nourishment to Sindhi heritage of its language and cultural identities besides aspiring to keep us for ever connected in spirit.

Please log on to and let us support this Sindhi cause and subscribe if you may wish.

Strength in numbers- voice your opinions and bring about better connectivity by centralizing ourselves under one or few Sindhiyat umbrellas designed for robust interactions and unity.

Sindhi Language Program Sindhu Darshan, Catering to the need of Sindhi Community for Survival of the Language, Culture & Heritage through cost-effective Electronic media.

Founded: 5th Feb 2001

Founder: Hiroo Thariani B.E.(Elect)…

It’s awesome feeling to have done something good for my own Community & Society. As well as, now as BJP Presidnet of Mumbai taking it to the next level.


The programs webcast on the site being Desirable, likable & Demandable is loved by the community members and there is a tremendous demand resulting in millions of viewers across the globe.

Sindhudarshan has crossed these milestones during the last sixteen years of operations.

  • 300 strong member’s faculty
  • Created awareness of Sindhi Culture through programs all over the globe.
  • Appreciation from prominent Sindhis within India and abroad with regards to the programming contents, thoughts, presentation and quality of the programs at various forums.
  • Created software of more than 500 hours of various programs of Sindhi Different genre with best quality.
  • Most of the Sindhi TV & Film artists from India beside In-house writers , voiceover Artist and Anchors are associated with Sindhudarshan.


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  • +91 9820883181 / +91 9820297473
  • Available 24x7

What needs to change about Sindhi regional language in order to enable it to remain relevant in a world of instant communication & social media. Write with your suggestions below @ connect with Sindhudarshan social media marking it direct to Hiroo Thariani Founder Sindhudarshan.

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