Sindhu Darshan Showing sindhi children’s short play depicting Akbar & Birbaal”s Nok-Jhok


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Looking at scattered Sindhi Community with their class or division of people and their likes & dislikes, it has been made convenient for viewer to find and navigate around different subject areas to see pages sorted by title & its relative genres.


Art & other manifestations of human intellectual achievements with characteristics & knowledge of a particular community relating to the ideas, customs, norms and rituals for better behaviour of the society like sindhi culture as mentioned read more


Occurrence happening at a determinable time & place or gathering of individuals engaged in common interest for a long schedule of time with either chain of occurrences as a effect of preceding is an event.read more



Newly received or noteworthy information especially about recent events for broadcast & is not known earlier to the people considered interesting enough to be reported in news (items, article, news flash, new cast, headlines or press release) which can be in the form of Gossip Tittle-tattle, rumour scandal or expose or in short News means information or report about recent events read more



As a contrast to other literary genres, play is a literature written by play writer consisting of informing about artist performances happening in theatre or at different locations so as to have dialogue between characters to engage in activity of enjoyment & recreation.So in recent years, the 10 min play has emerged as a popular subgenre of the one act play called Short-Play read more



Music is a form of art mostly includes people singing with their voices or playing musical instruments meaning in general that it is a science or art of tones & sounds in succession in combination & in temporal relationship to produce a composition having unity & continuity.The sound with a specific PICH are called NOTES. These sounds when grouped to gather create RYTHM & MELODY read more