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Asan Khe Naaz Aahe ll Interview with Satguru Anand Krishna ll By Beena Ramchandani

LIVE  62nd Annual General Meeting and Music Program from Khudabadi Amil Panchayat Of Bombay

Anand Krishna is an Indonesian spiritual humanist of ethnic Indian origin and Sindhi descent, who lives in Ubud, Bali. A prolific author and promoter of inter-faith harmony, he was accused of blasphemy by militant Muslim groups after he criticized Islamic conservatives seeking to transform Indonesia into an Islamic state. He has promoted his teachings through print and electronic media, training seminars, as well as meetings and workshops held at Anand Ashram, One Earth Retreat Center in Ciawi, Anand Krishna Center and Ashram@Ubud, and at four meditation centers in Jakarta, Bogor, Yogyakarta and Bali.

Current Program-2

Sindhudarshan Rajyoga 53 ll By B.K Beena Ramchandani

Let’s All get together for LIVE RAJYOGA with B.K.Beena Ramchandani (Spiritual Mentor) to Soak Ourselves in Divine Knowledge Every Monday & Thursday @ 6pm onwards.

Current Program-3

Sindhudarshan | Tuhinje Randhren Mein Tuhinji Asptal | Dahi Bhindi Masala | Chanda Virani

Made by – Manju Ghanani, Mumbai.

Current Program-4

!!!What is NEWS? It's a bi-product of Event converted into News and seen by a lot of Community Members, which reflexes their UNITY!!!

Sindhi news from different thickly Sindhi populated locations of U.S.A.
Courtesy – Rajesh Mata, Chembur, Mumbai
Courtesy – Rohit Bhagnari

Current Program-5


by Bineeta Nagpal

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