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Manoj Bhagwani, Ahmednagar, Mah
Vijay Thariani, Bandra, Mumbai
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Shoba Kalro, Banglore, Kar.
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Experimenting with different genres, so we at Sindhudarshan’s new attempt. Please revert back with ur comments on

When Naughtiness Comes out and when you have a Doubt?…….. Watch this Play and Make a Smiley Pout…..

Sindhi Souls

How to Prove to Someone That You Are a Good Soul

Some people may not know the good in you, but there is good in everyone. You know that you are a good soul, but how do you prove it? Here is how you can show people the kind of good person you are, as Society has a very covert way of handling us, “The Misfits”; condemning
“The Losers”; Idolizing “The Beautiful s”;and Alienating “The Strange”: but here’s a head up……
1.Don’t look down on others
2.Always Keep Smiling
3.Learn to Forgive
4.Wake up your conscious


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Relentlessly working towards retaining & enhancing Sindhiyat through electronic medium among we scattered SINDHIS continuously for the past 17 years & program has gained the status of cost effective reach to Sindhis for their rituals through World Wide Web.
The interested can be involved in following way.
1. By way of increasing the eye ball movement through awareness n connectivity among his own contacts.
2. By way of creating creation of Sindhi Cultural, social or religious events .
3. Support financially.


Looking at scattered Sindhi Community with their class or division of people and their likes & dislikes, it has been made convenient for viewer to find and navigate around different subject areas to see pages sorted by title & its relative genres.


Art & other manifestations of human intellectual achievements with characteristics & knowledge of a particular community relating to the ideas, customs, norms and rituals for better behaviour of the society like sindhi culture as mentioned


With Onslaught of Social Media, The Sense Of Culture Has Changed. Will it Ceased to Exist or Will Be More Pronounced, Will Be Known in the Coming Time, And So Will Be The Fate of Sindhi Culture, So in This Digital Atmosphere Sindhudarshan Shows You The ‘TIZDI’ Paparazzi Culture!! Happy viewing !!

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Gathering of individuals engaged in common Sindhi interest for a long schedule of time in a day which happens or takes place specially as a sindhi program on subjects of social, cultural or religious functions.


“”Sindhudarshan Looking fashionably forward with such received events having personalities of Blonde & Beautiful of Vivekanand Society , Mahim Mumbai organised by Girish Krishnani Which Continue to make news in all news paper & also on our webcasting platform , so look forward for a spin “!!! !

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Sindhi News

Newly received or noteworthy information especially about recent events for broadcast and is not known earlier to the people considered interesting enough to be reported in news, (item, article, news flash , news cast, headlines or press release) which can be in the form of Gossip, tittle-tattle, rumour scandal or expose or in short news means information or report about recent events.



Moti Visa, Australia
Asha Morwani, Barcelona, Spain
Neeta Vijwani, Vizinagaram, A.P.
Dilip Tilwani, Hyderabad, A.P.
Sanjay Kukreja, Nagpur, Mah
Manoj Bhagwani, Shrirampur, Mah
Manoj Bhagwani, Shirdi, Mah
Manoj Bhagwani, Ahmednagar, Mah
Sanjay Ratnani, Mulund, Mumbai
Janki Khialani, Wadala, Mumbai
Pradeep Gidwani, Mumbai

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Short Plays

As a contrast to other literacy genres play is literature written by a playwright consisting of dialogue between characters for performance to engage in activity of enjoyment & recreation written for performance by actors in media programme.
A one act play is a play that has only one act. One-act play many consist of one or more scenes. In recent years, the 10-minutes play has emerged as popular subgenre of the one-act play.


“”>!!Sindhudarshan Showing Sanjay Manghnani & Arun Kukreja’s Short Play Based on True Viral as an Effort to Entertain / Explain / Maintain Rhythm of Drama !! !!!

“!!Everyone is Shocked After Getting Comments on “MEE TOO” and Sindhi’s are Shocked after Getting News About “WEE TOO” . & Mind It – I’ts Not Sonu Je Teetoo Jo Sweetoo It’s Sweetoo Je “MEE TOO” jo “WEE TOO”!!

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Music is a form of art mostly includes people singing with their voices or playing musical instruments meaning in general that it is a science or art of tones & sounds in succession in combination & in temporal relationship to produce a composition having unity & continuity.The sound with a specific PICH are called NOTES. These sounds when grouped to gather create RYTHM & MELODY
Through Music, one can find means of expression, a way out of violence & attain peace. As the maxim goes “writing about music is like dancing about Architecture” In other words, despite the similarities between literature & Music, conveying sound/music through Adbi/prose/poetry is a challenge, even for the most talented of writers/poets/singers.


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About us

Sindhi Language Program Sindhu Darshan, Catering to the need of Sindhi Community for Survival of the Language, Culture & Heritage through cost-effective Electronic media.

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Webcasting platforms page giving information in the style of an editorial or objective promotion in a journalistic article. So in short t advertorial is a blend of words “Advertisement” & “Editorial” that is designed to look like an article.

The website which involves for giving information about program/product in the form of an article usually brand pays the producer for such an article/audio video which are generally paid content.

Sindhi Sitare

In some ways, music is a lot like literature. It can be pleasing, enlightening, even life-changing. A great song, like a great book, affects the listener in unanticipated ways and resonates long after the music has ceased. And, if done well, both music and literature have a rhythm and tone unique to their authors
But how do you describe your favorite song? How do you put its melody into words or explain the beauty of its chords? How do you begin to describe the emotions that it provokes in you? As the maxim goes, “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” In other words, despite the similarities between literature and music, conveying sound through text is a challenge, even for the most talented of writers.
“Music began clanging against the rocks up here. It is a motor horn down in the street,
Music makes me forget my real situation. It transports me into a state which is not my own. Under the influence of music I really seem to feel what I do not feel, to understand what I do not understand, to have powers which I cannot have … And music transports me immediately into the condition of soul

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