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Current Program-1

Sanskar Program no. 1

LIVE  62nd Annual General Meeting and Music Program from Khudabadi Amil Panchayat Of Bombay

A tale BK Beena Ramchandani ji with its SANSKAR Content  in a new format with Cartoon Characters Running in Current Program. 

Current Program-2

"International Mother Language Day 2020"

Courtesy!! Sujag Sindhi Samiti , Vadodara, Gujrat 

Current Programs-3

Our new Talk Show 50 Shades of Sindhis with A K Zak Guest Mrs. Geeta Bhambhani

Talk show with Mrs. Geeta Bhambhani with lot of fun, Masti, Entertainment . Enjoy the Masala of Atpate Questions, Chatpati Riddles and unbelievable task .

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Our Mission

As we Sindhis are scattered, could not have put on available online Social & other platforms which are themselves so divergent that may they also be called as scattered platforms. So, scattered Sindhis onto scattered platforms made us go for our own Sindhi webcasting platform,

So, the first step of yours if not subscribed yet is to subscribe and promote us to get connected.

Hiroo Thariani

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