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Wishing you 550th Guru Nanik Ji's Jayanti

LIVE  62nd Annual General Meeting and Music Program from Khudabadi Amil Panchayat Of Bombay

Guru Nanik Ji’s Latest song by Singer from Oman Geeta Khanwani with Sindhi news Kharab Ji Najar in a Musical format of Abroad.                 ​

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Sindhi News from India & Abroad

Bali, Indonesia – Anand Krishnani
Bhatapara, C.G – Mahesh Chandani
New York – Jagdish Shewani
Delhi – Shrikant Bhatia

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Our new Talk Show 50 Shades of Sindhis with A K Zak Guest Mrs. Geeta Bhambhani

Talk show with Mrs. Geeta Bhambhani with lot of fun, Masti, Entertainment . Enjoy the Masala of Atpate Questions, Chatpati Riddles and unbelievable task .

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