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!!!!What is NEWS, its a bi-product of Event converted into News are seen by lot of Community Members it reflex their UNITY & if its given to be shown to other communities it enhances our IMAGE among other communities so comes UNITY + IMAGE = POWER & of course that can be power to Sindhi’s also !!

LIVE  62nd Annual General Meeting and Music Program from Khudabadi Amil Panchayat Of Bombay

 Sindhudarshan in a bid to strengthen quality cultural , social and religious journalism and provide news from trusted sources, as we strongly believe that sindhi events as news is foundation to the way of unity …..
Sindhi populated location of India….
Abu road, Raj. (Courtesy!! Nitin & Nitu ji)
Nagpur, Mah. (Courtesy!! Shobha Bhagia)
Rajkot & Ahmedabad, Guj. (Courtesy!! Bharat Motwani)
Bhopal, M.P. (Courtesy!! Ram Tilokani)
Tenerife, Spain. (Courtesy!! Prakash Udhwani)
Jakarta, Indonesia. & China (Courtesy!! Manu Hiranandani)
Surat, Guj. (Courtesy!! Dayal Harjani)
New York. (Courtesy!! Jagdish Sehwani)

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Lal Loi is the Sindhi name for the festival of Lohri.Lal Loi is celebrated on the 13th of January every year, during Lal Loi children, teenagers bring wood sticks from their grand parents and aunties and Like a fire camp burnt these sticks/wood logs in the night with people enjoying, dancing and playing around fire.Some people are distribute Boondi Singar along with Coconut pieces and Revri, offered coconuts in the fire and distributed prasad ‘Sesa’.

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Our new Talk Show 50 Shades of Sindhis with A K Zak Guest Mrs. Geeta Bhambhani

Talk show with Mrs. Geeta Bhambhani with lot of fun, Masti, Entertainment . Enjoy the Masala of Atpate Questions, Chatpati Riddles and unbelievable task .

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Our small contribution seems to be an affirmation of our belief that media is the culture catalyst for change, and as we Sindhis are scattered, could not have put on available online platforms which are themselves so divergent that may they also be called as scattered platforms. So, scattered Sindhis into scattered platforms made us go for our own webcasting platform,

It is an awesome feeling to have done something good for my community and making me connected and focused, that’s what I, Hiroo Thariani have been aiming for!

Also, if all scattered Sindhis take this on their virtual homes (, we may better our image and unite for betterment of our community along with all other communities of the world.

So, request you all to join by subscribing on this website so as to realize the dreams of more than 2500 cities’ based scattered Sindhis (as per Google).

Sindhudarshan is into media, but at the end of the day, it is business too, so if our efforts are with some good intentions based on our mission, they need to be related by being salable!

So, the first step of yours is to subscribe and promote us to get in touch with you.

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