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!!!!What is NEWS, its a bi-product of Event converted into News are seen by lot of Community Members it reflex their UNITY

A Brahma Kumaris programmes based on spiritual and emotional wellness.

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Sindhi populated location of India….
Ajmer, Raj. (Courtesy!! Sunil Lalwani)
Rajkot, Guj.  (Courtesy!! Bharat Motwani)
Mumbai, Mah. (Courtesy!! Mukesh Advani)

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Sindhi Souls

How to Prove to Someone That You Are a Good Soul

Some people may not know the good in you, but there is good in everyone. You know that you are a good soul, but how do you prove it? Here is how you can show people the kind of good person you are, as Society has a very covert way of handling us, “The Misfits”; condemning
“The Losers”; Idolizing “The Beautiful”; and Alienating “The Strange”: but here’s a heads up……
1. Don’t look down on others
2. Always keep smiling
3. Learn to forgive
4. Wake up your conscience

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