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Current Program-1

Sindhudarshan ll GANESH UTSAV 2023 ll

This year, Sindhudarshan is celebrating GANESH UTSAV for 10 days, along with the 10 Commandments of GANESH.
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Current Program-2

Sindhudarshan ll Rajyoga 89 ll By BK Beena Ramchandani

Let’s all get together for ‘Rajyoga’ with BK Beena Ramchandani (Spiritual Mentor) to soak ourselves in divine knowledge.

Current Program-3

Sindhudarshan II How To Subscribe To Our Website

Showing how to ‘Subscribe’ to our website to receive the latest updates regarding Sindhiyat.

Current Program-4

Sindhudarshan II Sindhi Sunderkand 31 II By Sanjay Mangnani

First time in the world, SAMPOORNA SUNDERKAND PATH in Sindhi language – by Sanjay Mangnani

Our Mission

As we Sindhis are widespread, we could not have come together on any divergent platform, though today it is possible through social media. So, we universal Sindhis are available and show togetherness from our own Sindhi webcasting platform,
We Sindhis show our strength by unity. If not done yet, please subscribe and let’s connect.

Hiroo Thariani

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