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The latest programme of buzzzing news
from sindhudarshan infotainment (SDI)

sindhi events shown in an infotainment way
from all over the world


Programme Categories

CATEGORIES help viewers to find & navigate around different subject areas to see
pages sorted by title & its relative genres

CULTURAL: Relating to the ideas, customs, norms and rituals for the better behaviour of the society, eg like Sindhi culture as mentioned below

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EVENTS : Gathering of individual engaged in common Sindhi interest, for a long schedule of time in a day, which happen to take place specially as a sindhi program of Sindhiyat such as Sindhudarshan Yatra , Holi Celebration, Mahashivratri and many more.

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NEWS : Sindhi important Cultural , Social and Religious events from India and across the world are presented in an entertaining way to make it enjoyable for the viewers called KHABAR JI NAZAR( Big News ), KHABRUN PHATAPHAT (Short News) & HALCHAL KHABRUN( Future upcoming event to be held).



SHORT PLAYS : A play is a form of literature written by a play writer informing about the sindhi artist performance happening in theatre or at locations produced by sindhudarshan over the past many years. like " Bag men chha aahe" and " Khilo be vajah".

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MUSIC : Sindhi Art through medium of sound having pitch and rhythm either in the form of devotional ,classical , filmy and others. Sindhi songs by famous and well known Sindhi artist.

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